Magic Truffles Atlantis


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Psilocybe Atlantis Mushroom Truffles are similar to Mexicana Truffles, but are stronger. Atlantis has a lighter visual effect than the rest of the Mushroom Truffles. Magic Truffles Atlantis will make you creative, open for awareness, experience a colorful visual effect with warm and tingling feelings of euphoria.



Buy Magic Truffles Atlantis online from a legal magic mushrooms online store in Ann Arbor usa shipping worldwide The psilocybe Atlantis are more powerful Magic Truffles than the Psilocybe Mexicana and is heavier on visuals. After just 10 grams of the psilocybe Atlantis Magic Truffles your feelings, visual perception, and reality already will change.

Depending on your mood and a wide range of circumstances, you will feel somehow driven, full of energy, and with increased thinking capabilities. Suitable for beginners.

Magic Truffles Psilocybe

Philosophic overflows and enlightenment (in various ways) can be encountered at a higher dose. While the trip approaches one might feel strange waves rushing through the body, don’t be afraid, it only announces the arrival of the new ambassador in your world.

Some report a strong feeling of mental communication, reading of the mind, and describe to be one with mother earth (these experiences are limited to the ones taking high doses of magic truffles)

The Psilocybe atlantis magic truffle is closely linked to the Psilocybe mexican magic truffle. 
Yet mycologists have proved to be a separate species. P. atlantis mushrooms are also known as Atlantis Liberty Caps and have been found in the grasslands of Fulton County, Georgia in the United States. 
Atlantis is known to be the best truffle due to the high 
levels of psilocin and psilocybin detected after research on all truffle-forming species.
Fifteen grams of Magic Truffles. In a vacuum sealed box. 
Storage and protection of Magic Truffles 
If stored in this way, the Truffles can be kept until the best time before the date. After breaking the
vacuum seal, the Truffles can be stored for up to 2 days without losing their strength.