Penis envy capsules (160 Pills)


Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms. Very Strong! Great for the Experienced Traveller!
There’s a good reason why the Penis Envy Psilocybe Cubensis (Magic Mushroom) is considered among the most powerful mushrooms in the world. The psychotropic effects are one of a kind because of the heightened potency.

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Penis Envy Mushrooms Strain

Penis Envy was first isolated by Oakland Hyphae and correctly identified as a Psilocybe cubensis variety by the Psilocybin Cup’s expert panel. It is a high-yielding mushroom with a distinctive medicinal aroma, and has become somewhat of an infamous strain due to its potency. In cultivation forums, you’ll often read the phrase “a cube is a cube” referring to the fact that despite the many different Psilocybe cubensis varieties available, they’re mostly similar in terms of both growing requirements and potency. However many consider Penis Envy to be of particularly high potency, something that seems to be confirmed by the work of Oakland Hyphae and the Psilocybin Cup

The History Of Penis Envy Mushroom

Penis Envy mushrooms, or Psilocybe cubensis, were collected by mushroom hunters in the pacific northwest around the year 2014. It is also one of the most talked about origins of P. cubensis, as it is shrouded in much hearsay and misinformation. The origin story that has gained the most traction was originally published in Vice in 2009, by journalist-turned-psychedelic-scientist Hamilton Morris. However, a podcast published on his own Patreon in June 2021 admits to having been misled and taken advantage of by John Allen (aka Mushroom John), along with much hearsay found on various forums he had been a member of.

How This Type Of Magic Mushroom Looks Like

Penis envy mushrooms have a bulbous cap that only sometimes opens up and separates from the very dense stem. In terms of color, they usually range from a light tan to a darker brown, with variations amongst the different types — Penis Envy has been around a long time, and there are now variations of the original variety. As is typical with psilocybin-containing mushrooms, blue bruising on the stem can be an indication of high psilocybin content. They are also identifiable by their underdeveloped cap and the absence of a veil separating the cap and stem.

Some Varieties of Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis envy mushrooms are characterized by their distinctive, pale pink caps and white gills. The caps of this genus of mushroom are thin, but they do not have any striations or ridges. They tend to form in clusters on decaying wood and look very similar to the North American native species Tricholoma magnivelare. Penis envy mushrooms can be from 2 to 13 cm wide when fully mature, depending on the size of their caps, which can sometimes look swollen if on occasion they are picked before they have had a chance to expand completely.

Penis Envy Micro-dose Effects

Hailed as one of the strongest shroom varieties, Penis Envy is a mushroom loaded to the brim with psilocybin. Before we dive into the potency of Penis Envy, let’s first discuss Penis Envy’s origins. Penis envy is known to produce a strong, and well-balanced high. Expect to experience time dilation, visual hallucinations, trails, fractal surfing, etc. The mood of the high is characterized by a rather light euphoria.

Terrence Mckenna found a huge wild patch of Psilocybe cubensis growing deep in the Columbian Amazon. Though magic mushrooms had recently been made illegal, the spores were not (as is the case in most US states today), so Terrence took several spore prints back to his home in Colorado. One of these prints found its way to Steven Pollock, the medical doctor turned psychedelic mushroom enthusiast, who spent several years isolating the mushrooms to produce Penis Envy

  • Euphoria
  • Closed-eyed visuals (CEV)
  • Open-eyed visuals
  • Happiness
  • Astral projection
  • Relaxation


Product Storage

Keep product stored at room or cool temperature in a dry environment away from direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.