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  • Duration : 6 – 7 hours maximum trip after consumption.
  • Available: Paper tabs, Gel tabs, Liquid lsd
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LSD Club Drugs?

Club drugs are a group of drugs that are often found in nightlife settings such as bars, nightclubs and raves. Such drugs include MDMA (ecstasy or E), ketamine, GHB, crystal methamphetamine, LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. Other substances sometimes classified as club drugs include 2C-B, MDA and PMA . Club drugs were initially popularized on dance floors at nightclub parties, but have become increasingly popular at house parties and concerts as well. Clubs where these substances are used are called “rave clubs,” since their patrons often move in a trance-like state when listening to repetitive music with a fast beat

What are LSD Tabs?

LSD (or acid) is short for lysergic acid diethylamide or lysergide, an illegal drug first manufactured in 1938 by Albert Hofmann at the Sandoz Laboratories. It is a hallucinogen and psychedelic that was first used to treat various ailments before it became popularized as a recreational drug. The most common form of LSD today is in tablet form, but there are also other forms of ingesting the drug such as on blotter paper or soaked into candies or sugar cubes.

How To Consume LSD

Consuming LSD is most often achieved by putting small tabs of paper that have been soaked in liquid LSD (or sometimes picric acid) under the tongue. The paper allows the drug to dissolve, and then its effects are felt in 30 minutes or so. Studies have shown that 100 micrograms of LSD—about 10 times more than necessary for a single dose—led most subjects feeling strong effects after one hour, with those dosing two hours apart reporting peak effects at around two hours. The experience can last up to 12 hours.

Why take LSD?

A person’s experience on LSD is shaped by her previous drug experience, expectations, setting, as well as the neurological effects of the drug. A user can have very different experiences each time she takes the drug. In some cases, users may have an unpleasant experience that makes them never want to take it again; in other cases a person may have an extremely profound or spiritual experience and decide to use it regularly in order to maintain these feelings. How bad an LSD experience can be depends largely on set (what a person expects) and setting (where people take LSD-alone or with others).

way to reduce the risk of having a bad trip?

The most important thing to remember when taking LSD is that you should take it with someone you trust and have fun in a comfortable environment. Avoiding temptation to take too much, or to take it at all when you’re upset or feeling low, can also help to minimize the risk of having a bad trip.

Will I get addicted while taking LSD

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